Pedicab Advertising

Ten years ago if you asked any Bostonian what a pedicab is they would probably have to google it. Today anyone who’s even been to the city knows of their presence, and if you live in the neighborhood you probably know the company by name.

During a time when it seemed that everyone and everything was going green entrepreneur Benjamin Morris saw the need for an alternative mode of transportation in a city where the streets were never really built for cars in the first place. In 2005 he opened Boston Pedicab, the first pedicab service in the city. From it’s humble beginnings with only five pedicabs gracing the presence of Red Sox games and Newbury street, this small company had big ambitions. In just a few years his tiny shop has grown to own and operate bikes in major cities across America and is still growing.

When local retailers started contacting Ben to advertise on the bikes, he responded to the demand with the creation of Pedicab Outdoor, a media management and marketing company specializing in pedicab advertising. Because of the unique nature of a bike taxi, working with this media proved to be both a challenge and an opportunity; with the creative moving into the interactive realm, campaigns develop into an experience that goes beyond the one-way relationship of traditional advertising.

Being experts in all things rickshaw, Pedicab Outdoor has become the go-to for managing these experiences across several platforms. We know what pedicabs are capable of better than anyone, and we’re willing to go there. Our network includes bike taxi fleets all over the country and we know which production company to call on when a client wants to reinvent the bike wheel.

If you’re considering putting your name on a pedicab, please consider us to make it happen. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.