Dreamforce 2013 drew more than 60,000 visitors to San Francisco over four days in November 2013. Most were staying at hotels several blocks away from Moscone Center while others only attended for just one day. 52 branded pedicabs were provided by Dreamforce and other sponsors to usher conference attendees around downtown San Francisco.


Advertising wraps were installed on 52 pedicabs, drivers were wearing blue Salesforce T-shirts, and instructed to provide rides specifically for event attendees.

There was no typical ride, some pedicab drivers shuttled attendees to and from Moscone while others shuttled between hotels around Union Square. Many attendees were on a schedule and appreciated the swiftness of the pedicabs to ensure a timely arrival to their next conference destination.

Campaign Details:

52 fully wrapped pedicabs, complimentary rides given, drivers branded and also acted as Brand Ambassadors for the sponsors of the event.

Over the span of 4 days:
1,716 pedicab hours
Approximate Number of Rides Given:
Approximate Number of Passengers:
Approximate Number of Miles Ridden:
6,000 miles
What People Said:
“This just made my day!”
“You saved our night”
“I’ve been in these shoes all day and my feet are barkin”
“I’m a past attendee, really stoked to ride again”
“You guys are great”
“You’ve got a great personality for sales; you should be at this event!”
“I’ve been in these shoes all day and my dogs are barkin’!”
“After a day of standing and walking, this is perfect!!”
“Can you really take all of us?” (Of course!)
“You guys are back!”