For the second consecutive year, Nickelodeon and Pedicab Outdoor teamed up to provide complimentary pedicab rides to attendees of the 2015 Kid’s Choice Awards (KCA).

Nickelodeon hosted events throughout the weekend for the annual KCA’s in beautiful, Santa Monica, California. The weekend kicked-off at the Santa Monica Pier with games and rides for the whole family. Pedicabs were used as a transport option throughout Friday afternoon to transport kids and their families from Shutters Hotel on the beach to the Santa Monica Pier and back.


Drivers were outfitted with shirts and caps and pedicabs were wrapped with colorful advertising promoting the show.

The pedicabs staged on a platform near Shutters hotel and provided non-stop complimentary rides from 10:30am to 4:00pm to families attending the events at the Santa Monica Pier. The pedicabs were the primary source of transport and certainly the most popular.

Approximately 250 rides were provided over six hours and an estimated 5,000 eyes were on the Kid’s Choice Awards advertisements during the transport at the beach.

Campaign Details:

Brand Ambassadors, Complimentary rides, Full Vinyl Wrap

What People Said:

“This is by far the best way to arrive to the show in style”

“Nickelodeon knows how to make events fun!