Miller Fortune was looking to promote their “Be Adventurous” campaign to a specific audience. Pedicab Outdoor suggested the crowds at the heavily-attended Houston rodeo BBQ Cook-off as a perfect target audience. It proved to be an ideal match as more than 1000 pedicab rides were given throughout three days and even more eyes were on the head-turning advertising.


Total attendance for each day of the popular BBQ Cook-off is over 100,000 people. Pedicabs were fully wrapped with Miller Fortune branding and provided rides to cook-off attendees for the full three days.

Campaign Details:

Grand total of 1044 Miller Fortune pedicab rides were given in three days and countless more eyes were on the fully branded pedicabs at the much-attended rodeo.

What People Said:

“You just made my rodeo!”

“Where can I get some Miller Fortune?”