The Miller Coors Distributor Convention is the annual meeting of Miller Coors business partners in San Diego. Miller Coors wanted to provide a bit of pampering to convention-goers while boosting brand recognition.


20 fully-wrapped pedicabs and one custom-built pedicab provided complimentary rides to people attending the three-day convention. Drivers were outfitted in fully branded ski clothing to match the branding of the Coors Light pedicabs and operated around the Convention Center and major convention-area hotels. Brand ambassadors provided 500 hours of free rides in three days, totaling more than 1000 complimentary rides.

Campaign Details:

Brand Ambassadors, Fully Branded Outfitted Drivers, Complimentary rides, Full Vinyl Wrap, Custom-Built Pedicab

What People Said:

“Thank you so much for the free ride, I had no idea it was going to be so fun!”

“We love the free rides from Coors!”