Vita Coco teamed up with Pedicab Outdoor in San Francisco to increase brand awareness and provide free product samples to patrons of SF’s famous waterfront.


10 pedicabs were fully wrapped with Vita Coco branding and two of those pedicabs provided free samples to people strolling the Embarcadero. Promotional representatives from Vita Coco were carted around the waterfront and Financial District passing out free samples to lunchtime passersby. More than 1000 units of promotional samples were distributed in four hours to a very receptive crowd. The free samples were such a hit, we ended up passing out double the amount of samples the Vita Coco brand reps had originally allocated.

Campaign Details:

Fully Vinyl Wrap, Brand Sponsorship, and Promotional Product Sample Distribution.

What People Said:

“I love coconut water!”

“This is my favorite, thank you!”

” I didn’t know Vita Coco came in different flavors. This is delicious- I’m definitely buying the peach/mango flavor next time!”

“Free coconut water? You just made my lunch!”